Oregon State Representative
District 56


Gail Whitsett — The Experience We Need

Gail Whitsett - For Oregon State Representative District 56


I believe my education, understanding of business principles as well as my political philosophy and experience in education will be a good fit for House District 56.


My priorities are creating jobs, maintaining Public Safety, promoting small business, supporting veterans and elderly services, improving quality in education, utilizing our natural resources and forests, reducing the size and scope of government, preserving our nation's dams and infrastructure and reducing burdensome environmental regulations.

I oppose the destruction of the clean energy producing Klamath River hydroelectric dams. The Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement and the removal of the dams are issues that cannot be separated. I am unable to support the KBRA as written because that agreement requires the demolition of the dams.

In Government 

  • 4 years as State House Representative for District 56
  • Serves on six committees:
    1. Full ways and Means
    2. Revenue committee
    3. Agriculture and Natural Resources
    4. Tax Credits
    5. Transportation and Economic Development sub-committee of Ways and Means
    6. Conduct Committee
  • Seven years as Chief of Staff for Oregon State Senator Doug Whitsett
  • Listening to and taking action on behalf of the people of Klamath and Lake Counties
  • Reading and analyzing thousands of House and Senate Bills
  • Regularly testifying before Oregon Senate and House Committees
  • Gubernatorial appointments to the Hatfield Committee and Oregon Board of Geology Examiners

In Education 

  • Earning B.S and M.S in Geology with honors at OSU emphasizing Paleobiogeography and Biostratigraphy
  • Teaching Geology at the University level
  • Substitute teaching in elementary, middle and high school classes
  • Visiting Klamath and Lake County schools and listening to both teachers and administrators

In Business 

  • Working as a geologist for major international companies
  • Independently consulting for domestic and international firms
  • Owning and managing smaller private sector businesses
  • Applying accounting and marketing skills

In Communication

All of Gail Whitsett’s newsletters and press releases are available at the Oregon Legislative website.

In Character 

  • Believing in Constitutional principles.
  • Adhering to fiscal conservative values.
  • Courage to ask the difficult questions.
  • Willing to look at all sides of the issues.
  • Integrity to do what is right rather than what is expedient.
  • Above all, standing by my word.


Gail Whitsett has been endorsed by many in the community including incumbent and retiring Oregon House of Representative Bill Garrard to replace him in the legislature. See more endorsements >


Note: The State of Oregon allows a $50 per person state tax donation for contributions to campaigns.